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Profile of Shaoxing University


ShaoxingUniversity is a multidisciplinary university approved by the Ministry ofEducation of the People’s Republic of China. It can be traced back to ShankuaiPrimary Normal School founded in 1909. Lu Xun, one of the greatest writers inmodern China and a native of Shaoxing, once served as Supervisor (also known asPrinciple) of the School. In 1996, Shaoxing Teachers’ College andShaoxing College of Higher Education were merged toestablish Shaoxing University. In 2000, Shaoxing Health School, Shangyu NormalSchool and Shaoxing Secondary Technical School for Urban-Rural DevelopmentConstructors were merged into the University. In 2005, the University passedthe undergraduate course teaching level evaluation by the Ministry of Educationwith a rating B. In 2013, the University was approved as one of the master’sdegree conferring units by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.


TheUniversity is located in Shaoxing, a city included in the first batch ofNational Famous Historical and Cultural Cities. It consists of four campuses,namely Fengzejiang Campus (Campus East and Campus West), Nanshan Campus,Lanting Campus and Shangyu Campus, with a total area of 1487.29 mu (equivalentto 99.2 hectares) and a total floor area of 625,500 square meters for schoolbuildings. The value of teaching and scientific research facilities totals 447million yuan. The library has a collection of 1.8695 million paper books,1.1632 million e-books, 1.8472 million e-journals in Chinese and foreignlanguages and 49 databases. The University has 16 schools, an independentcollege (Yuanpei College) and a university-affiliated hospital. It enrollsstudents from 26 provinces (autonomous regions orcentrally-administered municipalities) as well as Hongkong, Macao andTaiwan, andcurrently has approximately 15,000 full-time students.


TheUniversity adheres to the principle of “taking the undergraduate education asthe foundation”, comprehensively implements the fundamental task of fosteringvirtue through education, consolidates the central role of talent cultivation,and strives to cultivate high-quality application-oriented talents with a strongsense of social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship and practicalabilities. The University offers 63 undergraduate programs covering nineacademic disciplines, including three national characteristic subjects, 23provincial key (dominant or characteristic) subjects and seven provincialfirst-class subjects. It also has three provincial key experimental teachingdemonstration centers, eight provincial experimental teaching demonstrationcenters, and three provincial off-campus practice bases for universitystudents. In the latest two sessions in recent years, the University won one secondprize of National Teaching Achievement Award and four first prizes ofProvincial Teaching Achievement Awards. The University is among the list of thesecond batch of the National College English Teaching Reform DemonstrationUniversity, Pilot Universities of Building Application-oriented AcademicInstitutions in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Classroom Teaching DemonstrationUniversity, Training Base for Teacher Education in Zhejiang, Key Training Basefor Teacher Education in Zhejiang Province for the 12th Five Year Plan, thefirst batch of Pilot Universities for the Construction of Cultural Campuses inZhejiang Province. The Lanting School of Calligraphy is the first Chinesecalligraphy education base for overseas university students in ZhejiangProvince and the Chinese calligraphy creation base of ZhejiangProvince Calligraphers Association. The Student Innovation Park is among thefirst batch of Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base for University Students ofZhejiang Province and is selected as the provincial “Maker Space”. Lectures inFengzejiang Hall, graduates’ “commitment to love” and Excellence Scholarship havebeen selected as Excellent Campus Culture Brands of Colleges and Universitiesin China.Thereform of the system of academy of classical learning and the construction ofcivilized dormitories have won the first prize for Outstanding Achievements in StudentApartment Work in the National Colleges and Universities. The University haswon several national first prize awards of college students’ subjectcompetitions and its total score ranks in the forefront of similar institutionsin the province. Its graduates are highly praised by the society; the initialemployment rate of the last five years is above 95% and the employersatisfaction rates reflected in the employ satisfaction survey rank top amongthe universities in the province. 


TheUniversity adheres to the focus of discipline construction and takes scientificresearch as its support, actively promotes collaborative innovation, andcomprehensively improves the level of scientific research and social servicecapabilities. There are seven academic master’s programs in first-leveldisciplines, six professional master’s programs, and six provincial first-classdisciplines (Category B). Its engineering discipline has entered the top 1% ofESI international disciplines in the world. The University has three provincialkey laboratories, one National Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture (Chinese Calligraphy)Inheritance Base approved by the Ministry of Education, one Provincial Philosophyand Social Science Key Research Base, one Provincial New Think Tank, and one provincial“2011 Collaborative Innovation Centre”, one Provincial Science and TechnologyInnovation Platform (Cooperation), one provincial postdoctoral researchstation, five sub-centres for jointly-established national key laboratories andengineering research centres, one calligraphy base jointly established with theChina Centre for International People-to-People Exchange of the Ministry ofEducation, and the Zhejiang Technology Transfer Centre jointly established withTechnical University of Catalonia in Spain. In the past five years, theUniversity has successfully applied a total of 621 research projects at theprovincial and ministerial level and above, including 187 projects at thenational level, and has won 28 scientific and technological achievement awardsat the provincial and ministerial level and above, with the publication of 1113SCI, SSCI and EI, first-level and above papers and monographs.


TheUniversity actively implements the strategy of strengthening the school bytalents and insists on the combination of talents recruitment and cultivation, sothatthe structure of the teaching staff is optimized with a continuous improvementof the overall level. At present, it has more than 1,600 staff members,including more than 1,100 teachers. There are nearly 500 teachers with senior professionaltitles and nearly 500 with doctoral degrees. There are one foreign academicianof the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, one provincialspecial expert, 48 teachers selected into the “151” talent program of ZhejiangProvince, three provincial middle-aged and young experts with outstandingcontributions, five experts enjoying special government allowances from theState Council, two winners of the Provincial Natural Science Fund forOutstanding Youth Funding, two candidates selected into the “Five Batches TalentProgram” in the provincial publicity and cultural system, one candidate selectedinto the “New Century Talents Support System” by the Ministry of Education, onedistinguished professor of “Qianjiang Scholars” in provincial colleges anduniversities, one candidate selected into the leading provincial “QianjiangTalent Program (Category C)”, 29 teachers selected as young and middle-ageddiscipline leaders in provincial universities, one provincial special-gradeteacher, one provincial leading medical talent, one provincial universityinnovation team, one provincial key technology innovation team (cooperation),two provincial university high-level innovation teams, four provincialexcellent teaching teams, three national excellent teachers, three provincialfamous teachers and seven provincial rising stars in teaching.

TheUniversity adheres to running schools with an international orientation andcarrys out all-round, broad-field,multi-channel international talents cultivation and scientific researchcooperation, so as to continuously improve the internationalization level ofeducation. It has established cooperations and exchanges with more than 60 collegesand universities in 22 countries (regions) including the United States, Canada,the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, and Japan. With the enrollment andcultivation qualifications for foreign students, the University has foreignstudents from more than 40 countries (regions) to do undergraduate andpostgraduate courses on Chinese language and Chinese culture. The Universityalso implements the strategy of exporting outstanding education projects by setting upLanting Academy of Calligraphy in nine foreign counries.

TheUniversity holds high the great banner of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics, takes Xi Jinping Thought on Socialist Economy with ChineseCharacteristics for a New Era as its guidance, adheres to the socialistdirection of school running, firmly grasps the fundamental task of fosteringvirtue through education, and comprehensively implements the party’s educationpolicy. The University insists on the schooling philosophy of “valuing researchand orienting towards teachers and students”, adheres to the school motto of “cultivatingmoral integrity and pursuing the truth”, follows the basic laws ofapplication-oriented universities and adheres to the quality-oriented, talent-oriented,characteristics-oriented and collaboration-oriented policy for development.


Atpresent, the University is actively implementing a “three-step” developmentstrategy to comprehensively promote intensive development andapplication-oriented construction. The University takes quality improvement asthe core, service for the local area as the direction, and cultivation ofhigh-level application-oriented talents as the main goal, and adopts the mainpath of promotion of the integration between industry and education as well asthe cooperation between the University and enterprises in order to optimizeadministrative structure, cultivate schooling characteristics, expand campusspace, comprehensively improve the level of school running, and strive towardsthe goal of building a high-level application-orientated university withdistinctive characteristics.

(Alldata above collected by September 2020)

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